Friday, November 6, 2009

UPS Applications for Driver's Helpers Are Available Now

If you're looking to make some extra cash for the holiday season, chances are that the time is right to submit your UPS applications for the position of "Driver's Helper" in your hometown.

UPS Driver Jobs

Typically, over the years, driver's helpers who have had a little luck and proven themselves worthy have been offered jobs at UPS after the holidays. These positions have served as a pool from which UPS has been able to easily select excellent candidates for permanent driver slots.

So what does a worker who helps the delivery driver actually do?

For one, you definitely don't drive the UPS vehicle! What you do is assist the driver any which way you can to ensure the packages get to their destination and in a timely manner. You see, during the holidays, it's peak season for all package delivery companies and the workload almost doubles and in some cases, triples for the drivers. This makes you, the helper, absolutely essential!

UPS applications for this job mean you can expect to work pretty long hours, usually from 8AM to 8PM and sometimes a little later. You're expected to carry packages usually weighing no more than 25-35 lbs., but occasional ones also weighing up to 70 lbs.

These UPS jobs are very demanding but potentially highly rewarding if you work hard and play your cards right. Try to befriend the driver you're assigned to and possibly develop some sort of friendly relationship; this can go a long way because supervisors routinely ask drivers who are the good workers and who are the bad ones! Believe me, after a few short days, every one there knows everyone's work habits!

These job opportunities usually run out somewhere close to Thanksgiving, so hurry and fill out your UPS applications quick!

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